Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fifth Book Contract!

I got the exciting news this week that I've had a fifth book accepted for publication! The announcement really took me by surprise because I'd lost track of when I'd submitted this manuscript and upon following up with the publisher wasn't even sure that they'd received it. I was about to re-send it when I got the email that a contract for it would be forthcoming!

The title of this book is Jimmy Jolly and the Joy of Juggling. (Nothing like a little alliteration!) Like my first book, Lily and the City of Light, it was written during my senior year at Northwestern. When I wrote it, I never imagined it as a children's book. It was more me working out some of my own thoughts about my life and my priorities, and I often do this best through narratives. I think that's why I love C.S. Lewis' writing so much -- he uses metaphor and story to communicate and illustrate truth in a way that makes sense to me.

The story of Jimmy Jolly is one of finding joy in simplicity. In a world where children and adults alike are pulled into constant activity and the never-ending search for attention and accomplishments, Jimmy's story is one of finding joy in the little things. Jimmy starts out as a little boy who loves playing with his one, brightly-colored ball. But soon he learns that he can juggle two balls, later three, and so on and so on. After getting wrapped up in the need for attention that his juggling abilities have created, Jimmy is brought back to what is truly important by the wisdom of a child.

I hope that Jimmy's story will cause readers to think about what is truly important in their lives and that it will remind them, as it continues to remind me, that quite often, less is more.

I will definitely keep everyone posted on when this story will be available.


  1. Congrats Lindsay!! What great news! Let us know when they will be available for purchase. Is the Lilly book available yet?

  2. Cheering over here! Many congratulations!

  3. Amanda,
    Thanks so much! I'm assuming you are referring to the sequel to "Lily and the City of Light" which is titled "Lily and the Return to Htrae." No, the sequel is not yet out, but I will definitely let everyone know when it is. I'm guessing it will come out sometime in 2012. Right now I have "Lily and the City of Light" and "'Twas the Year Christ Left Christmas" available, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the third book "O Christmas Tree!" will be out before the close of 2011!

    Thanks for the cheers and for following the blog too! I'm so glad to have you here!