Saturday, December 18, 2010

Book Review by Barbara Campbell - Lily and the City of Light

Recently Barbara Campbell of the TOS Homeschool Crew and her kids were kind enough to sit down and read my book, "Lily and the City of Light."

Below are her comments:

I read this book with my kids and we all enjoyed the story and discussed it a little afterward. The story is wide open to interpretation depending upon your viewpoints. Being Christian, both my kids immediately saw the City of Light as heaven and proceeded to interpret the rest of the story as a Christian allegory. They were very proud of themselves for figuring that out.

I really liked the fact that the storyline is one that is a good discussion starter. If you are not a Christian, the story can also be used to start discussions based on your family’s own views and beliefs. In itself, it is also a good story to just read and enjoy on its own merit. Homeschoolers could also take this story and incorporate it into a lapbook, writing assignment, Bible lesson, unit study, and whatever else you can dream up for your kids. The illustrations are wonderfully done so that younger kids can enjoy the story without losing interest.

If you are looking for a good children’s book, I suggest you check out Lily and the City of Light.

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