Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let It Snow, and Snow, and Snow!!!

Snow is falling like crazy over here! Well, I guess the actual amount of snow falling has lessened, but it has not stopped. And it seems to be sticking and continuing to accumulate. Everything outside of my window is blanketed in white and when the sun hits it, it is almost blinding!

Sunday night I had a show at my Aunt's church in Laura, OH which is about 3.5 hours from home. Probably if it had been any other event they would have canceled it, but I think they figured that since I had come so far to give the program, it would be a shame to do so. So we went ahead with it - and a decent-sized crowd braved the weather to be there! As always I met so many wonderful people. It was after the program that things got interesting. My husband Estith had accompanied me on the trip and he had to work the next day, so we left after the show, getting on the road just before 9:00pm. I drove so that Estith could rest for work the next day.

The driving conditions were terrible with blowing snow and messy uncleared highways. The on/off ramps were the worst. Thankfully, we didn't have to take too many of them.
I drove the whole way, both hands clenched tightly on the wheel, going well below the speed limit and keeping plenty of distance from the vehicles in front of me. I was actually thankful for the semi-trucks on the roads because their lights made it a bit easier to see the road ahead of me.

As I drove I almost never took a hand off of the steering wheel, and I remained completely vigilant. It occurred to me how many times on a regular drive I can reach over and search for a different radio station or CD, grab a snack or a drink from the passenger side chair, talk on my cell phone or do any number of other things, all while driving and feeling perfectly safe. But these driving conditions would not permit such extraneous activity. They required a different type of concentration and attention than I am used to giving. And it occurred to me how often we take the ease with which we can normally do things for granted. If there is one thing that weather teaches us, especially severe weather, it is that we are not in control. Quite often, I need, and am thankful for, that reminder.

I arrived home after 4.5 hours of driving instead of 3.5 with sore arms and a tired head and eyes. But it was so good to be home. So good!

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